Vitesco Technologies Group Aktiengesellschaft (VTSC/DE000VTSC017), listed in Germany, closed the day's trading on 24th Jun at 39 EUR with a daily change of -2.26%.

The Stock's five-year performance is mostly lack.

AI bought the Stock at 42.2 on 16th May and now loses -7.58%, the stop loss which is currently positioned at 33.477 is 14.16% away from the last closing value.
In the last 4 weeks during its downward movement, the average volume during positive days is the highest and peaked on 17th Jun with 227030 units traded with a positive price change of 6.14%, although the number of days with a negative close was prevalent.
The Stock continues to climb from the main cycle low at 8 o'clock from 24th Jun.

The AI system detected only one operation, which is still open, for the Stock during the 196 market days analysed
Updated at 24th Jun - 20:51:32


DescrCategoryCurncyGroup CountryCountryLast ChangeWeightClock HourMkt LiquidLast PriceAI Var 1DAI Var 1WBH Var 1DBH Var 1WLast BuyCurrent StopCurrent Profit %Current Stop %Turnover
AIndex Stock EUR Lack - L05AIndex of Index ComponentsEUR12.10.202018.62%3100.00%4681.14-2.04%0.83%-2.04%0.83%2774.044525.5568.75%3.32%0.99
AIndex Stock EUR Lack - L10AIndex of Index ComponentsEUR25.02.20229.32%3100.00%2486.840.00%0.00%-1.90%-0.42%1678.982432.6243.89%3.31%0.53
AIndex Auto Components - L20AIndex of Sector ComponentsEUR16.02.20225.07%7100.00%432.130.00%0.00%-0.50%2.62%253.93530.20108.70%0.48%2.61
AIndex Stock EUR Lack - L20AIndex of Index ComponentsEUR29.09.20204.82%1100.00%1091.58-1.26%-0.98%-1.26%-0.98%742.91996.3446.93%8.73%0.33
AIndex Stock EUR Mix 25AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)EUR10.05.20223.87%5100.00%1142.750.00%0.00%-2.12%-1.28%804.931163.5042.91%0.72%0.27
AIndex Stock EUR Mix 40AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)EUR20.01.20152.44%6100.00%1083.08-1.82%-1.47%-1.82%-1.47%104.941084.28932.14%1.69%0.07
AIndex Stock EUR Lack - L40AIndex of Index ComponentsEUR08.06.20222.37%4100.00%443.68-1.06%-0.41%-1.06%-0.41%462.83443.63-4.14%0.01%0.60
AIndex Stock EUR + USD Mix 50AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)EUR12.01.20151.95%1100.00%1650.54-1.05%-0.24%-1.05%-0.24%100.961638.041534.78%0.76%0.07
AIndex Stock EUR + Etf Mix 60AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)EUR14.06.20221.58%5100.00%736.640.00%0.00%-1.07%-1.05%774.23753.93-2.77%1.85%0.66
AIndex Stock EUR + USD Mix 60AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)EUR14.06.20221.58%6100.00%934.700.00%0.00%-0.99%-0.67%
AIndex Stock EUR + USD Mix 70AIndex of AIndexes (Mix)USD10.05.20220.97%5100.00%1295.550.00%0.00%-0.74%0.17%106.641124.721130.86%0.24%0.13

2021-30.22%                                -17.62%-2.75%-20.97%10.20%
20222.14%    13.42%4.64%                                    
202130.22%                                17.62%2.75%20.97%